The Sky Piercer

Sam Smoothy invited myself and Nadine Wallner to hit the road in New Zealand with the objective to climb and ski the East Face of Aoraki, Mt Cook. Easy, right?
Not so much, with the weather in New Zealand proving a serious issue and our three week stay getting shorter and shorter the likelihood of us being able to complete the mission was looking… not likely at all. We distracted ourselves with all the activities New Zealand has to offer; surfing, climbing, bush-bashing ski missions, cray-fish diving, biking until with 48 hours left to go it looked like we were game on…

Production: Colab Creative, Beanie De Le Rue & Martin Winkler.
Filmer & Director: Jase Hancox
Edited by: Andy Bamford
Original Soundtrack: Danny Fairley
Photographer: Mickey Ross
Athletes: Myself - Xavier De Le Rue, Sam Smoothy & Nadine Wallner
Executive Producer: Patrick Grimm at Audi.

All photos Copyright: Mickey Ross