My partners have given me so many opportunities and I am forever appreciative that they support my often, slightly crazy, concepts and have been enablers who believe strongly in the spirit of adventure.



Providing gear for the toughest conditions and making a tent a happy home. I have been lucky to be with The North Face for the past seven years, enabling some of my biggest adventures, from Mission Antarctic through to their support and belief in the new How To XV series.



Swatch is my longest standing sponsor of 22 years… which is really showing how old I am!
Since their conception in 1983 they have always been pushing boundaries and stopping us all from taking life too seriously.



I am very proud to work with Rossignol and the snowboard team there, who have helped me make some amazing freeride boards, tinkering away with different designs and bringing my first splitboard to market.



One of my more recent sponsors, I am going to say driving an Audi around is pretty fun!
Also taking on my first #quattroroadtrip with Sam Smoothy and Nadine Wallner to ski the East Face of Mt. Cook turned into a very special adventure.


Along with making fantastic eyewear, Smith also make life saving helmets.
In the last couple of years I have been very grateful to have my head encased in these guys gear.
Beyond the helmets the goggles are great in all conditions and very stylish… especially my pro model!!



Crosscall mobile phones are still a relatively new product, but they are designed with us in mind, long battery life, extremely hard wearing, waterproof, you can’t really ask for a better phone to have in the mountains.

Being able to customise my boots for the big mountain with Deeluxe, to add in Vibram soles, and special crampon notches, has given me so much confidence when I am hanging around on ridges or hiking up icy faces.




Working with Resero has been an exciting challenge, this new security system goes beyond your beacon and phone to add another level of security to your adventures.

Three days after receiving my first ABS airbag, it saved my life. There was a large amount of luck involved but I am certain without the airbag there would be no chance of me being here today. It is fair to say that this product and partnership means a lot to me.
- The avalanche where ABS saved my life.-

The Recco System started in the 1970’s and continues to evolve, as they incorporate Recco into more products and equip rescue and patrollers around the world to ensure a speedy rescue.


I have been working with Arva for numerous years now, they continue to advance their technology and I always feel confident riding with their gear.


Although I grew up in the Pyrenees my winter home is Verbier, with amazing freeride terrain and centrally located in the Alps I never get tired of riding here.


Petzl is yet another of my sponsors who saved my life… I love riding with their ice axes it really helps me to feel secure, but all their equipment in the mountains is fantastic, from lightweight harnesses to the Rad rope.