After the success of season one, we decided to go global. We wanted to keep the same concept, no film crews, no big productions just me and my wife hunting out adventures with a GoPro and a drone to capture it all, back to the roots - well apart from the drone!

Please find the episodes below.


Mission Canada: Canada, camping, canines and couloirs. Canada was having an all time winter so we packed our bags in time for the rain! Still we found some great adventures in the Revelstoke backcountry.

Mission Kuril Part 2: Crashing 20metres to your head anywhere is scary, but we were on the volcanic island of Kharimkotam, 700km from civilisation with only a boat to get help and were feeling the isolation.

Mission Kuril: 5 grown men on a 30ft tin boat for 5 weeks - why did I think this was a good idea?! The adventure travelling and snowboarding the volcanic archipelago of Kuril was on!

Mission China: Volcanoes, scorpions, frostbite, gale force winds & North Korea - the FWT asked me if I could come and do some venue checking in China, we got quite a bit more than we bargained for!

Mission Angelique: Reunited with the machines, Tony Lamiche and Alex Pittin in Chamonix, I knew we were in for a mission and they did not disappoint with an almighty day mission to the Angelique Couloir.

Mission Japan: Combing a Rossignol trip with some DIY filming we arrived in Nosawa Onsen via dry dirt roads and the worst snow in 60 years (it is always 60 years!)…. but 3 metres of snow in our 10 day trip meant one of the driest winters was suddenly Powder heaven.