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It all started with a hair-brained idea, which is generally where the best ideas come from I find. I didn’t want to use helicopters to access peaks… but nor did I really want to walk! So, what about getting dropped off a paramotor into lines?


The first winter we headed to Svalbard to test the concept, we had quite a few issues, like the temperatures being so low that all the electrical cables were snapping. But on a big glacier Sam Anthamatten and I were able to use the paramotors to scope out lines that we would never have found in the surrounding mountains, but this was no place to get “dropped off” from a paramotor.

Part Two: ALASKA

Year two, we headed to Alaska and brought in Ralph Backstrom to enlarge our motley crew. The usual weather issues took place and it looked highly unlikely we would even get into the mountains but eventually we managed to set up camp and start experimenting. First we just took the old fashioned route… legs, but over time we built up our confidence and the paramotors came into their own!
I can’t say that I have tried this since, but I would definitely be keen to give it another go, it was so much fun making this ridiculous idea a reality.

Production: Timeline Missions.
Filmers: Guido Perrini & Tim Burgess
Photographer: Tero Repo
Athletes: Myself - Xavier De Le Rue, Sam Anthamatten & Ralph Backstrom
Parapente Pilot: Christoph

All images Copyright: TERO REPO