The DIY series came about because I wanted to move away from big film productions, which took the whole winter to plan and organise, and were starting to feel forced, as well as meaning I spent more time behind the computer than on my snowboard.

So, I came up with the idea to get back to the roots, take a camper van and chase the storms - unfortunately I chose a very dry snow year! But we still found some good adventures, and filming with the then, very new technology proved pretty interesting.

Please find the episodes below.


Mission Saleina: Samuel Anthamatten and myself take on "The Big Crack" an imposing 1000m couloir sandwiched between high rocky walls with no obvious way out.

Mission Lygnen: We headed north to the Lygnen Alps in search of deeper snow and Norwegian adventures in the Godmother Couloir.

Mission Lofoten: We head to the stunning Lofoten peninsula in search of big lines descending directly into the sea, cold surf and dubious hunter gathering.

Mission Chevalier: The snow wasn’t playing ball for our Trans-European adventures, so we headed back to Chamonix which was getting most of the snow, and found a nice steep line to show Beanie!

Mission Pic du Midi: In Chapter 4 of DIY, I head home to my beloved Pyrenees and get so lucky with the conditions, being able to ride one of my childhood dreams.

Mission Mallory: The Mallory Couloir in the North Face of the Aiguille du Midi, did not look like it was “on”. However, friends Alex Pittin and Tony Lamiche, true mountaineers, had other ideas!

The Trailer: To say that filming this trailer was a little stressful was an understatement! We, myself and my wife, had sold our big idea and were desperate to prove it could work. With no snow and serious drone malfunctions - getting anything together was a little stressful! Think we hid it quite well!