How To Use 3D Digital Maps

In this sponsored edition of How To XV, I show you how I use 3D Digital mapping in the mountains, to help me discover new lines, double check my position, change my itinerary and a whole lot more.
Fatmap has been a partner of the How To XV series and has helped us bring the series to life, alongside The North Face, Smith, Deeluxe and Crosscall.
If you would like to find out more about Fatmap you can visit their website and start planning your own adventures,

How To Use A Transceiver

Learning to use a transceiver is key for being safe in the mountains, I ride with my avalanche gear every day; transceiver, shovel and probe, I nearly always use an ABS back pack and have an additional emergency device from Resero.

In this episode I want to highlight the basics of using a transceiver so that you can get comfortable with yours, so if the worst happens you are ready.

There is so much more to backcountry safety, and I will cover more topics, like What to do in the event of an avalanche in future episodes, but being comfortable with your transceiver is vital. So practice and stay safe.

How To Plan Your First Tour

My favourite thing about touring is the freedom to get away from everyone, find beautiful untouched places, fresh powder or sometimes here in Switzerland it is the best way to get to a cheese fondue in a mountain hut.
In this episode of How To I explain some of the key points I use when planning a tour and the factors I take into consideration, I hope it will encourage you to get out and start exploring the great outdoors too. Enjoy and feel free to ask me any questions in the comments.